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needing a friend

I could not access my old aidpage - I had to restore my comp. and lost everything couldn't find site for a while. When I logged on it said if i didn't know my password I had create new aidpage - I found my old site but I have halfway started a new site can I link these 2 together if so, how?
need a friend

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I'm looking for links to web sites that are honestly "free" for my web page. So if you know of any cool weblinks that will take us there without money out of pocket please help. Thanks
apply for free grant application

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I am in great need of some financial assistance unable to pay bills and husband was in car accident and insurance company will not pay to get another car...need a miracle

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i am somali origin steel single .but the proplem is no option to to make myself quilafied buscouse my uncle father was the one who supported me to finish my secandrey school ,after my mum and dad were die.unfortunatily after 5months has died.thus i am alone. my god!!!!!!!!!! so i came back my egnorence anyhow is there one who can pay me fee collage or university?

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I am the sole caretaker for my 73 year old grandmother. We are low income surviving on her modest 977.00 a month. I am looking for any information how I can apply for a grant to cover the cost of buying a car. a car would greatly improve both of our lives in that it would give us more oppurtunities to be less dependant on the paid services of others (saving both money and time). Also it would allow us both to expand our social lives,by not allowing us to stay homebound but encouraging us to be active socially and independant contributing members of sociey. any suggestions or advice on a grant prog like this ? Any help greatly appriciated.
family caretaker seeks grant money for a car

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visitor 10

I am married with 2 children living in a single wide mobile home that is in much need of some home improvements which we can not afford to do at this time b/c money is tight. I am in seek of a program that will assist us in a grant or gov't loan that will assist us in much needed improvements. We are a low to moderate income family. Is there such a thing as a grant available to us we may not even have to pay back. Can someone give me some direction on where to start? Thanks in advance.

Talk to visitor 10

I finally got a job after 8 weeks. Still no financial help for school. Not to mention I still have not received my last paycheck from the military, now 6weeks late.

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Towards a Model of Micro Philanthropy (Tom Munnecke, Heather Wood Ion)
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