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I am on the verge of homelessness can anyone help me with bills. I have no one else to ask. I am getting to where I do not even want to leave my home. The stress is killing me. Please respond with help. Thanks

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Addie Fields

Hi I hope this doesnt go on twice lol Im on social security and am in need of dentures (upper and lower) My hmo charges a co pay of $300 for each I can hardley buy food. I have no teeth on the bottom and i have an upper denture that ive had since i was 18 and needs replacing really bad.(Im 56 years old) Any help would be appreciated. Ty for listening

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hello, i'm not to sure how this works, but here it goes. i am a single disabled mother who lives with chronic pelvic pain, and also have disease known as myfacial/fybromyalgia. all of my teeth are rotting from the myofacia disease and the dentist has told me they are so bad and so infected, that if i don't get the dental work that i need, that the infections can apread to my brain and i could die, leaving my daughter without anyone. i am deaperate for monetary help, as my disability does not cover dental. i need approximately $3889.00 is there anyone that could please tell me if there are government grants or any kind of charitable help i can get. here is my e-mail if someone can help me god bless

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Hello, I find myself in a strange bind. I have finally found a house that I can afford-- it is only ten-thousand dollars. But I have not been able to get a loan so far. I am looking for an unsecured loan , not a mortgage because a mortgage would cost me over twenty thousand dollars. I have a little over forty days to come up with the money before my relative who is relocating will stop considering me as the purchaser. I need a reputable loan provider, an angel investor with a contract or someone that simply does'nt mind helping me. If you can direct me to a quick and legal source- I sure would appreciate it. Time is running short. Thank you, Lookingup

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I am a mother of three and married to a very hard working man. In august of 2003 I was found to have 5 ruptured discs in my back and ruptured my left acl in my knee. I was a paramedic for 10 years and this happened on the job. Unfortunately for me i had a bad lawyer and I lost my job and the battle with workmans comp. I was left with a disc in the middle of my back compressing my spinal cord.I am working again as a 911 dispatcher, 12hr shifts and I am tryng to do my part in paying the bills. The job i took in 911 came after 3 months of being released from workmans comp. We have struggled to meet our bills and catch up where we fell behind.All the agencies state that they cannot assist us because we are employed and have an income. I was even appalled by one agency that stated if i would quit my job i would qualify for assistance. My husband and I both work as many hours that are available to us. It is costing us 100.00 dollars a week just in gas for my husbands job, it is in another county. I am very tired. My children are suffering due to the stress of the situation. I am only making 1/2 the pay as a dispatcher and I do not know where to turn. I am unable to pay our mortgage and we may lose our home. I feel so guilty that my injuries have put us in this situation. Our families have tried to help but both our parents are on a limited income and are not able to help. Even if there is not any monetary help out there, good advise and just some one who can talk or email me would be a nice change. Thanks to all for letting me vent a little. And to those out there who do help others, may it come back to you tenfold!...babyblu

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I am a mother of 2 small children, one is 9 months and the other is 2 years old. We just got an eviction notice today. My husband is kind of in between jobs. He is working a temp job until he gets a permanent one but it's just not enough. We should here something about his new job by the middle of next week. We don't have anyone to help out with the kids so that I can go to work and actually make some money and not pay it all to a babysitter. We are behind on our gas and lights, water and phone along with the rent. We just need some help to catch up until his job comes through.

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kim im not sure if you still check in on this but i wanted to tell you i feel for ya, i am in the same exact posistion. only i was the one in the wicked bad car accident. i hope you got the help you needed i wish i could do something for you someday i would like to start a charity for those of us inbtween people who get lost in the pathetic system of ours. its unfortunate to say but if we were a minority with ten kids from nine dif men we could have all the help we needed. i am not at all a pred person however, thats what i have come up with while begging for help. someday i will have my charity, until then i pray for both our familys that we get back to normal what ever that is. sincerly mary

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C. Turner

I live on a gravel road and a couple of miles off the main road. I am in need of Electric and Phone lines to my home. Is there any kinds of grants or aid to help? My e-mail address is any help would be appreciated. I live in Ohio and I have lived non-electric for 10 years. C.Turner

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C. Turner

There is a organization called Options a Dental program that is in Ohio and can be found on the state website. Check with your states health dept. on line or in person and see if this helps. They paid for all my dental needs. And for anyone needing glasses Vision USA (its hard to find but keep searching on line) this will let persons who need eye exams and glasses see a doctor in their area for only 20. Hope this helps C. Turner

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C. Turner

Check with your local USDA and ask for either a 504 or a 502 loan. You can check it out online also. My Son who was 19 was able to buy his first home with no money down on a 1% loan for 39 yrs. His house payments were based on his income and was 315 a month which included insurance and taxes. Hope this helps. C. Turner

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Hi My name is Attila and im i a litte bit trouble. I dont need lot money, i only need a little. I dont have a ton of bills.. But i have a very little encome and my father has no job. I need to learn so i can not take a full time job. So if u see this advert than mail me: If you have a little more than u need than please...

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I am a single mom with 1 child. I have little income. I receive child support of $194 a month. I really need a grant to help me on my feet. Im not able to pay utilities. I go to school. I am lucky to have a few dollars to make it to school each day. Its not easy to get through the week. I am looking for work but cant seem to get by when bills keep coming.

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Hello everyone I'm Teresa from the Philippines. I come to know about this aidpage through a friend named Sree and I am grateful to him for introducing me to this. I happen to have a very ill mother for several months now. She has been sick with kidney failure. She is advised for medical transplant but we refused because of the many consequences that would occur if she would go through the procedure. She is maintaining on lots of medicines and we have exausted all means of supporting her medical needs. We've been through local government and local charities but unfortunately, what they were giving is not enough since my mother needs her medicines for a lifetime already. I wonder if anyone here could give me an idea of any foundations or philanthropist who would be willing to share their blessings with us for my mother's medical needs.... It would be very much appreciated and I would consider myself being indebted to you for life if you could just help me find the assistance I need for my mother........

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katheleen from texas, I have a listing at home of foundations that assist people with medical expenses. I was in the process of writing them myself. I am currently at school but if you will respond and notify of email me I will email the list to you. If you check the library to see they have a foundation center you will find more information on foundations who assist individuals with expenses.

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the guy trying to see his children, check into the local nonprofit network. These organizations help in many ways, I know because I volunteer with one. Sometimes they can provide emergency funds. They may even be able to purchase the tickets straight out instead of giving the money. Or you could do a search of corporations that donate inkind or products and find an airline among those, write to them and ask for assistance or to donate the tickets, not everyone in the world has grown cold, you may be surprised. And for the lady looking for a gov loan try or .org or .gov one of those it is a direct link not a website selling something. It depends on what type of loan there is. For business try the sba community express.

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there may be places that can help in your state. Non-profit organizations. Try to contact social services and ask if they have information on the local Continuum of Care Coalition for your area. The CCC may be able to help you.

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I am a woman seeking someone who can help me with dental work. I cannot afford insurance and my job is in jeporady because of it. I have to work with the public and my teeth have gotten so bad that I do not like to talk to people. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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nativeheart... from time to time, the Aidpage system removes accounts (with all their messages) if they are found to be a source of misleading and possibly fraudulent offers and spam. This is probably the reason you are not able to see the message you received - it was probably removed.

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I received a private message, how do I access it???

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