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Hi everyone thanks for reading this post. I have never done this before but I know there are still good people in this world. I am a single mom who needs to work. I need your help. This is to help pay for medical expenses. This is my only hope left and I have exhausted all of the so called remedies including medicaid which only messed up my mouth a lot worse than if I would not have seen a dentist at all and now my jaw is severely damaged and that causes constant pain and I also look hidious now. I now regret seeing a medicaid dentist and need more money than I have to repair this damage. I cannot chew with my jaw popping in and out. I am too young to feel and look this way. I went there to get a couple of teeth fixed and got butchered instead. I have nightmares about this. The board of dentistry protects its own and there is no recourse. If I looked decent I do have the brains to be successful but that takes good health and a nice appearance to work decent jobs in public places. Another thing is that all of the kinds of work that I am qualified for and capable of doing require looking good in public. One of those things that I did was work in a beauty salon where people looked to me for how they might look and I look horrible like this and I am also in a lot of pain and cannot sleep much due to the pain in my jaw. The other jobs I held were manager jobs in clothing stores etc.. It was unfortunate for me that single moms sometimes qualify for medicaid while they are working and that just happened to be my fate. I am hoping to have a decent appearance again and go through the day painlessly and to spend my days working. This is my vision. Thanks for your help.

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Hi everyone and thanks for taking time to read this. We would like £1000 to pay off debts. We have over £20,000 in debt and are striving to pay it all off. We have 4 kiddies so it is especially important to us to turn things around. If there is a kind soul out there who wishes to donate, please get in touch. Alternatively, we are willing to do most things to earn the money. Please contact: suzanne.andkristian@

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I am writing you on behalf on my good friend and brother Kenny Sponsler. Kenny is part of a unique community of young adults here in Cleveland. Many lives are being impacted by the power of God and dramatically changed for the better. Addictions are being broken, relationships are being mended, and young men and women are climbing out of debt into financial responsibility. Kenny has emerged as a leader in this community. In order to better equip him for his current and future calling, Kenny will be attending a 6-month internship in Kansas City at the Forerunner School of Ministry. We are attempting to pool our resources to financially back him in this venture. That is the purpose of this letter. While Kenny has been more than diligent in saving money for the internship, we still need your help to completely fund his tuition, purchase interim transportation, cover living expenses, and a establish a transition fund for his return to Ohio. Your generosity is our primary resource. We are believing in faith that everything will be provided. I hope that you desire to partner with us in supporting our brother. While I pray that your heart is moved to give, it is Kenny’s sincere desire that no one feel weighty pressure or grating obligation to do so. Be free and be led. Kenny has created a (Fundraising Email) e-mail for comments or questions on how you can donate. Thanks and God Bless!!
Forerunner School of Ministry

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My husband was recently diagnosed with end stage renal failure. He grew up a city kid in New York, and his family never owned their own home. It has always been his dream to own his own home, but our credit is not good enough to get a home loan. We make enough money to pay for the mortgage, but can't get approved for the small amount we need. Any suggestions on where to look for help?

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I am a 37 year old single mother. I am in desperate need of assistance with my light bill. It is $460.00. I work at Fred's so you know I make around $400-$500 a month-sometimes. I still have 2 son's at home and two grandson' that I take care of and I also help my grandmother that lives next door, since my grandfather and my mother died. I would have had half of the money, but, I had to use it to buy food because the local TDHS messed up my foodstamps. I usually get them on the 6th of each month, but, didnt get them until the 28th. So the little money I did make went on food. I've already used the local agencies in the past, so I have no source for help. Trying to find a better job in this area is not a good thing and I don't have the gas money to commute to an out of town job. My lights are due to be disconnected on monday 03-05-07, and I have no one to help me. If anybody has any idea's or know any one that can and will help me, please, please let me know. My e-mail address is Thanks for your help. In Desperate need of help Charlotte

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Suggest you check out the Dental schools in your area. Most of them have clinics that do work for greatly reduced rates. Some may even do some free work if you are very economically challenged. You can also check your state's dental association for links to dental care resources for the poor. A much less expensive alternative to solving your problem (although not a desirable one) would be to have all of your teeth pulled and getting dentures. That would definately solve the aestheics problem. I also suffer with needing serious dental work, but I'm just not poor enough to get it done for free or cheaply, so I can sympathise with your situation. Good luck!

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Please help our family maintain what God has blessed us with so that we can not only overcome this but also, so we can return the same loving kindness to others at a later time. I am a single mother of 2 special needs children. I work full time as a contractor for the military and earn less than than $1800.00/mo. I have recently experienced just over a $1000/mo decrease in our monthly family income. my mortgage alone is 870.00/mo Can some beautiful persons who are looking to help other less fortunate people please contribute toward the $15,000.00 that I am asking for. I'm only asking for this amount because I am confident that God will bless me with additional income or better employent before this year ends. Thank you for taking the time to care for our needs and please agree with us that the footsteps of a Godly people are ordered by the Lord and Ask and we shall receive. I know all good things come from Heaven .

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Hello, My name is Guy and I am 24 years old. Currently , my mother has breast cancer and I have moved into her home to help take care of her along with my younger brother (Seth). We have tried for months now to cover the mortgage, and with everything piling up it has just become to much. We are trying to sell our home that we have been in for all our lifes but with the way the real estate market is, it has been very hard. Me my mother and younger brother are needing any kind of help. I have tried contacting local and state resources but nothing is really available to people and familys with cancer. Please if anyone out here can help us , we would forever be grateful.

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I am 22 and just got marryed, we moved into an apartment and then my wife lost her job. I have a job still and I am looking for a second one but we are about to lose ower car and are strugling to make the rent, and cant buy grosirys If any one can help that would be much apricated my wife does not know that we are in as bad of a sichuation as we are and I dont know if I can tell her. Please help me

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My Husband and I have been married for 30 years. We have dedicated the whole 30 years rescuing and taking in unwanted and abused animals. We do not take them to find them homes, like animal shelters and to be passed around from home to home. Once we take them in our home they are with us the rest of their lives. They become part of our family, to give love and care to each and everyone of them. And to give them the best and happiest life possible. They are our children. In the years of rescuing animals, we have 40 cats, mostly older cats. We have 2 6-year-old dogs and a 22-year-old cockatoo. Now our hearts are breaking knowing they could be taken from us at any time. Here are just a few short examples of rescuing our babies: Angel: found her by stumbling in front of my car, she was so invested with fleas, crawling in her eyes, ears, and nose. They sucked almost all her blood out. The vet did not think she would make it through the night. SHE DID she’s 13yrs old now. Nelly: Someone threw her into a 55-gallon barrel drum, filled with gasoline. I got soap and water,washed her right away and then speeded to the vets. For a couple of months she lost her hair and foamed from the mouth ‘til all the fumes from the gasoline where gone. And fell down when she walked. SHE MADE IT: she’s also 13 yr. old. Pumpkin Head: He was beaten by a baseball bat. His face was disfigured. But he was happy. : He’s no longer with us, he passed away. Moses: he came to our door. Someone threw him out because he had cancer. He lived with us for a few months and he was happy and loved us. He passed away, But not alone. Heidi: She was given drugs and abused by her owners. Was hit by a van. But she was our dog for 16 years till she passed away from cancer in her eye, that she lost, spread to her brain, after giving her 10 operations. Fonzie: My husband was driving to work one morning and saw something in the road. It was a cute very old blind poodle.. He also had cysts on his backside. The owners did not care, they did not want him any more so they just dumped him in the street. We took him in and cared for him. He lasted about a month till he passed. Brandi: We found her at a train station, going in and out of the train doors. Almost fell on the tracks. We took her in. She was so happy with us for 12 yr. She died from liver damage. I could go on and on, there are to many stories to tell. We lived in New York, Long Island for 44 years. Then moved to Pennsylvania. we built our home When we moved here we had our own business. My husband is a sculptor and had his original sculpts manufactured and sold to other retailers. He also has a lot of other skills, construction, masonry, and landscaping. He can work as hard as any 20-year-old. When 911 happened our business suffered a total collapse. A series of bad decisions on our part were made and had to take out a mortgage on our home. After paying off the bills we were lucky to break even. My husband and I both found a job. One day at work my husband was in a car accident on his job. Where I was working, new owners came in and fired everyone without any notice. Since then we had to sell everything we owned, furniture any personal belongings including our car. We had to buy a used car just to get us around locally. Our car broke down and where we live you need a car because any jobs are to far in walking distance. We could not get a job because of no transportation. That’s why now we have another home business. We have a gift web site and sell on auction sites. My husband also works a few days a week in construction. We tried to get a personal loan or refinance our home, but because of loosing our jobs and causing our good credit to go to bad credit. No one will give us a second chance to prove ourselves. We have a lot of skills. We are two hard working and dedicated people you could find. We are people who have been to proud to ask for help. Because we were the ones to help other people in need. But now the time has come. We desperately need help to save us and our animals that we love so much. Our sheriff sale was held at Monroe county courthouse at 10.00 am Jan. 25th. The house was bought back by the Mortgage Company. We have till the end of Feb to find another place to live. It’s so easy for everyone telling us to get rid of your animals.because no one will rent a house if you have animals. This is breaking our hearts everyday worrying about where we will live all together. Please if anyone can help us in by renting us a Barn, any kind of structure. We can afford $500-$800 a month. We just need a down payment. We will animal proof it by putting down a floor on top of the existing floor and we would also put some sort of protection on the walls from scratches. So when the time comes to move we could pull up the temporary floors and walls. The place would be as it was the day we moved in. We always keep the place very clean. They are all indoor cats. We are willing to sign any papers if anybody wanted to protect their interests. We are willing to do what ever it takes to keep our babies with us. We just want for all of us to get through the winter together. Just until we get back on our feet again. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. Mark & Marie Fiermonte 17 Potato Path Rd Kunkletown, Pa, 18058: (mailing address)

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Lynn, What do you mean by "information page"...? You can "hide" any of your pages. Just click on the "Edit" link and then, on the editing console, check the box just under the main text editing area where it says "Check here if you're not done working on your text." The page will become "Offline for editing." We are still working hard on a major upgrade of Aidpage which will include the possibility to also have private pages visible to friends only. You'll be able to start your own public and private groups... and invite friends, family, and neighbors. We want Aidpage to start working for the first line of mutual aid and support - the people that know you and love you. We also believe that by enabling the sharing and communication within circles of people that know and trust each other (from their offline life), we'll create a much stronger foundation for reaching out and supporting the new people you meet online (here on Aidpage). Aidpage will work like your own "personal communication hub" connecting you to all the people you invite in a much more natural and immediate way than email for example. We hope to have the new version of Aidpage up and running in about 4-5 weeks. (I find myself repeating this for some time already, but unfortunately, with software development, it is really difficult to predict the extent of the work ahead.) I am really anxious to see how people like you, and Soulight, and Who~Knew of course (hopefully returning), would like the new version. Best, Emil

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hi, how can I cancel my information page? sincerely,Lynn

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Eugene Daniels

Hi, I operate a non profit afterschool program which needs funding. Most of my students are economically disadvantaged and need the services that we offer. We train young men and women to be productive citizens through the use of academics, physical training and social skills. I am in need of funding to keep the doors open. If you know of any grants that I can obtain please point me in that direction. Thanks Eugene- Next Level Education system.

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Donald L Miller
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Hello I am in need of help I will be getting my heat turned off in 2 days if I do not come up with $613.12 I would never ask for money if not needed desperatly please help it is very cold here. I have tried to go to resorces in my area but to no avail I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO PLEASE HELP! JOY!

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Hi 'disabled female veteran', What 'percent of disabiltiy' are you? There may be programs based on this.

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Dis Veteran

Hello my brothers and sisters, I am a 43year old disabled female veteran (US Navy). I am currently on the verge of losing my home and my possessions if I can not get out of the debt that I am in. My disability avoids me from working, believe me I would work if I could, I do volunteer in the community when I can. I am seeking help out of this situation and will be very grateful for any help one is able to extend to me. If you can help me, please contact me at 757-581-6822. Please help this disabled veteran from becoming another homeless vet in our country. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and assistance in this matter. God Bless you and I have faith that He will see me through.

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