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Sign up here on Aidpage - free, takes about 1 minute. Make a post with pictures and information about your current situation and your needs. It is very easy, technical skills are not required. Then, browse other people's posts. Reply to them. Some of them will reply to you. Write back to them. Talk to each other. A problem shared is a problem halved. Talking about your problems is the start of solving them.


Aidpage doesn't tell members how to help each other... It's up to you to decide. Advice and good information are easy to share right here on Aidpage. But you can do whatever you find appropriate and necessary... in whatever way you can. Use the information and web links contributed by other members. Add to these resources. Use common sense. Moral support, talk, and just "being there" for someone when they feel alone and vulnerable goes a long way.


Tell your friends, relatives, and colleagues about Aidpage. The more people know about Aidpage, the better for all members.
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Maggie78   in reply to ditto 55 people look for families to help
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Single mom of two boys just looking for help with school clothes nothing for me just my 6/7 year old will so pay it forward
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ditto 55
Hi there,This is ditto 55,is there anyone on here that has allot of money and would like to help a family in need? I am taking care of my 4 grandchildren and it is hard to do when you are poor.I live in Florida,and no agencies are wiling to help me with anything.Please help.
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ditto 55
Good Morning all,I am writing to say that although i need help with Christmas for 2014,many others have other issues,So if you would just like to talk,i will listen. I will be here for you,and have a great day. I am from Kissimmee,Fla
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steph v
Hello I'm stephanie vaughn from church hill tn I have a child with autism and cerebral palsy. She is my full time job and we have gotten behind on our rent and they are about to come and get our only vehicle because of a title loan I took out a while back to try to catch up I have no money for christmas I'm so stressed out if anyone can help please let us know happy holidays and god bless everyone
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momma8   in reply to trejon
i love that! (push)..i do do that but never heard of it put that :)
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Talk to lucky00
We need help for our children, they were severely bitten by bed bugs and we had to move out and have no home at present,
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ive been looking for a grant as well but they either cost $ or you need a computer. im useing a ps3 to do all my online stuff it does great but it has no printer. and with out that grants are impossible to find. here in topeka they dont have a free computer assistance program. i would b welling to work off a grant. donate so much time a week to a food agencies if some one has any idea please message me
Talk to jo_4-26-66
hey guys, im in extreme stress mode,i need help asap!!!! i came here from maryland 5 mths ago to meet my half brother & to help him with his disabled stepmom..well after being called every name in the book,chased with bats & knives, punches thrown at me, left outside without food or water in this broken down car.(.yea,my stepmom did all this)...after giving her 300 a week to make sure the rent was paid (thats 1200 a mth) rent was 850,,the rent didnt get paid for 4 mhts,,after having me commited ,but they of course released me,im not crazy(after all)..the rent didnt get paid and she took off....please help me..i lost my job because of her craziness in need 200 more to not get evicted--please someone help me!!!! im 4'11 90lbs ,cute 40 yr old..thank goodness,no kids..times are too hard....please call me 595 7366.
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Hi, I am a 24 year old single mom in college who divorced an abusive husband back in November. He left me financial (not to mention emotionally) destitute. I have no family support, my mother is dead, my sister is an addict. My ex husband alienated all friends. I live in my dads house, but he is always threatening to throw us out. My vehicle has a blown transmission. I do have a job, but by the time I pay for babysitting and someone to drive me there, I hardly break even. I have a 2 year old daughter and my ex-husband (who has a very wealthy family and unlimited money supply). He is trying to take custody of her. He has drained every dollar I have in court, and keeps taking me back. He doesn't want her, as he doesn't even spend time with her when he has visitation - he drops her off at a babysitter. He just wants to hurt me. Any assistance with getting a car and paying for legal fees to keep my daughter out of his abusive home are greatly needed and would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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I am a singer mom and need with help with my rent and utility. My son just graduated from high sch and is about to attend UNCG. Need help.
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AidpageTeam   in reply to shew
Hi shew,

Click on "My posts" and scroll down to "Members who visited (xxx)" - you will be able to see how many members visited you page. Aidpage does not explicitly keep tally on who is asking for help and who is helping. There are members who come here asking for help and with the time start helping others - mostly with information and advice based on their experience.


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Is there any way to know how many people visit aid-page that want to donate?
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I help of money pls
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 in response to jillfrommass41...   Thank you!!
Talk to trejon
 in response to trejon...   Hi,i think i posted to u under a wrong name,sorry it may be under aidpage,im sorry:)godbless u trejons,im here to listen if u need me:)
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 in response to trejon...   Well trejons,u keep up what ur doing,as u.I am doing the same.I also in the last few months I have been ending my emails,notes,by saying god bless at the end,and honestly.I didnt really ever do that,and I dont feel embarred to whomever I"m addressing.I was brought up,not knowing about the bible,and felt bad latelt exspecially since I had my own children,and have been having lots of struggles,but sometimes lately a few amazing things have happend to me,they may be small to most,but to me,it touched my heart....god bless u all:)
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 in response to Victory and Faith...   GOD IS AND AWESOME GOD!! HELP IS ON THE WAY!! P.U.S.H PRAY UNTIL something happen!!!!
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 in response to jillfrommass41...   Thank u friend I need that kind of inspiration in life be aide the struggling I'm going through it have to be some good at the end I help people to. I feed the homeless to when I can spare.I put god first in my life and been hoping and praying every sinceband again thanks!!!
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